Dr. Phillip Ozimek

Postdoctoral Research fellow
Room: IB 4/67
Phone: +49 (0)234 32-22592
Fax: +49 (0)234 32-14002
eMail: phillip.ozimek(at)rub.de

Office hours: by appointment

Research Interests

Social Media


Social Comparison




Representative Publications

Brandenberg, G., Ozimek, P., Bierhoff, H. W., & Janker, C. (2018). The relation between use intensity of private and professional SNS, social comparison, self-esteem, and depressive tendencies in the light of self-regulation. Behaviour & Information Technology, 1-14.

Ozimek, P., Bierhoff, H. W., & Hanke, S. (2018). Do vulnerable narcissists profit more from Facebook use than grandiose narcissists? An examination of narcissistic Facebook use in the light of self-regulation and social comparison theory. Personality and Individual Differences, 124, 168-177.

Ozimek, P., Baer, F., & Förster, J. (2017). Materialists on Facebook: the self-regulatory role of social comparisons and the objectification of Facebook friends. Heliyon, 3, e00449.

Ozimek, P., & Förster, J. (2017). The impact of self-regulatory states and traits on Facebook use: Priming materialism and social comparisons. Computers in Human Behavior, 71, 418-427.

Ozimek, P., & Bierhoff, H. W. (2016). Facebook use depending on age: The influence of social comparisons. Computers in Human Behavior, 61, 271-279. 


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Brief Curriculum Vitae
Since 2016 Research Fellow, Department of Social Psychology, Ruhr University Bochum
2016-2018 Dr. rer. nat., Psychology (2018). Ruhr University Bochum
2014-2016 Research Assistant, Department of Social Psychology, Ruhr University Bochum
2014-2016 M.Sc., Clinical Psychology (2016). Ruhr University Bochum
2012-2016 Tutor for Statistics in Psychology, Department of Experimental Psychology and Methods, Ruhr University Bochum
2011-2014 B.Sc., Psychology (2014). Ruhr University Bochum
Professional and Editorial Services
Since 2018 Recognized Reviewer for Behaviour and Information Technology, Current Psychology and Mass Communication and Society
Since 2016 Outstanding Reviewer for Computers in Human Behavior