Dr. Grace Larson

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Room: IB 4/75
Phone: +49 (0)234 32-24602
Fax: +49 (0)234 32-14002
eMail: grace.larson(at)rub.de

Research Interests

Close Relationships

Emotion Regulation

Self-Control and Self-Regulation


Representative Publications

Hackl, L., Larson, G., Bowen, J., Ehrlich, G., Mann, T., Middlewood, B., Roberts, I., Eyink, J., Fetterolf, J., Gonzalez, F., Garrido, C., Kim, J., O’Brien, T., O’Malley, E., Mesquita, B., & Barrett, L. F. (2016). On the neural implausibility of the modular mind: Evidence for distributed construction of perception, cognition, and emotion – Commentary on Firestone & Scholl (2016). Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 39.                                       

Finkel, E., Cheung, E., Emery, L., Carswell, K., and Larson, G. (2015). The suffocation model: Why marriage in America is becoming an all-or-nothing institution. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 24, 238-244.              

Larson, G. & Sbarra, D. (2015). Participating in research on romantic breakups promotes emotional recovery via changes in self-concept clarity. Social Psychological and Personality Science, 6, 399-406.                                      

Finkel, E., Larson, G., Carswell, K., and Hui, C.M. (2014). Marriage at the summit: Response to the commentaries. Psychological Inquiry, 25, 120-145.                                           

Finkel, E., Hui, C.M., Carswell, K., and Larson, G. (2014). The suffocation of marriage: Climbing Maslow’s mountain without enough oxygen. Psychological Inquiry, 25, 1-41.                                           

Sbarra, D., Boals, A., Mason, A, Larson, G., Mehl, M. (2013). Expressive writing can impede emotional recovery following marital separation. Clinical Psychological Science, 1, 120-134.                                           


Brief Curriculum Vitae
2018 Ph.D. in Psychology, Northwestern University
2015 M.A. in Psychology, Northwestern University
2010 B.A. in Psychology, Pomona College
Academic Distinctions
2013-2016 National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Fellowship
2014-2016 Florence Sales Research Methods Teaching Award
2010 The Psychology Prize Thesis Award, Pomona College