Prof. Dr. Hans-Werner Bierhoff

Emeritus Professor
Room: IB 4/53
Phone: +49 (0)234 32-21680
Fax: +49 (0)234 32-14002
eMail: hans.bierhoff(at)

Office hours: by appointment

Research Interests

Romantic Relationships

Self and Narcissism

Prosocial Behaviour

Psychology of Social Media

Fairness and Justice

Representative Publications

Ozimek, P., Bierhoff, H.W. & Hanke, S. (2018). Do vulnerable narcissists profit more from Facebook use than grandiose narcissists? An examination of narcissistic Facebook use in the light of self-regulation and social comparison theory. Personality and Individual Differences, 124, 168-177.

Brailovskaia, J. & Bierhoff, H.W. (2016). Cross-cultural narcissism on Facebook: Relationship between self-presentation, social interaction and the open and covert narcissism on a social networking site in Germany and Russia. Computers in Human Behavior, 55, 251-257.

Bierhoff, H.W. & Müller, G.F. (2005). Leadership, mood, atmosphere, and cooperative support in project groups. Journal of Managerial Psychology, 20, 483-497.

Bierhoff, H.W. & Rohmann, E. (2004). Altruistic personality in the context of the empathy-altruism hypothesis. European Journal of Personality, 18, 351-365.

Bierhoff, H.W. (2002). Prosocial behaviour. London: Psychology Press.

Bierhoff, H.W., Klein, R. & Kramp, P. (1991). Evidence for the altruistic personality from data on accident research. Journal of Personality, 59, 263-280.

Bierhoff, H.W., Cohen, R. & Greenberg, J. (Eds., 1986). Justice in social relations. New York: Plenum.

Bierhoff, H.W. (1981). Impression formation and repeated measures: The design as a stimulus. European Journal of Social Psychology, 11, 173-187.

Bierhoff, H.W. (1976). The use of psychological theories by 'naive' judges: A second look. European Journal of Social Psychology, 6, 369-374.

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Brief Curriculum Vitae
2013-2014 Senior Professor of Social Psychology, Ruhr-University Bochum
1992-2013 Full Professor of Social Psychology, Ruhr-University Bochum
1980-1992 Associate Professor of Social Psychology, University of Marburg
1977-1980 Assistant Professor, University of Bonn
1973-1977 Research Associate, University of Bonn
1977 Habilitation in Psychology, University of Bonn
1974 PhD in Psychology, University of Bonn
1972-1974 Doctoral Researcher, University of Bonn
1971 Diploma in Psychology, University of Bonn
1967-1971 Studies of Psychology, University Bonn
Academic Distinctions
2013 Georg Gottlob Price 2013 of the Georg-Gottlob-Foundation in cooperation with the Berufsverband Deutscher Psychologen (BDP)
Professional and Editorial Services
Since 2012 Domain Editor Social Psychology and Communication Psychology for Dorsch – Psychologisches Wörterbuch
Since 2010 Co-Editor Bachelorstudium Psychologie
2005-2013 Chairman Scientific Advisory Board Leibniz-Zentrum für Psychologische Information und Dokumentation (ZPID)
2005-2010 Co-Editor Handbuch der Psychologie (New Edition)
2002-2004 Vice-President Deutsche Gesellschaft für Psychologie (DGPs)
1997-1999 Speaker Fachgruppe Sozialpsychologie der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Psychologie (DGPs)
1996-2004 DFG-Consultant (Fachgutachter)
1993-1995 Co-Editor Zeitschrift für Sozialpsychologie and Managing Editor Zeitschrift für Sozialpsychologie